Microphone recording tips

Here are some great tips on recording and also microphones. THere are more updates over at http://markallanwolfe.com/blog.html as well

Rare Led Zeppelin

this has a lot of great finds in it. There are better recordings of certain concerts on here but none the less it is great jamming check it out. Especially if you ever read HAMMER of the GODS you might remember them talking about some of these shows

My new sounds:

4 Things Jesus Didn’t Die For | Made for More

I thought this was a great article and a good wuick read. Made me think and I was willing to share with all of you. I hope you enjoy it.

Most Christians have a ready-made response to the question, “Why did Jesus die?” The answers are usually something along the lines of, “Jesus died to save me from my sins.” Often, when I get answers like these, I feel like asking things like, “And…?”
Read more at http://madeformore.co/4-things-jesus-didnt-die-for/#P5BrgO27FV1H7dpv.99

Smart Dust is Everywhere – Monitors Everything! (Video) Must See!

ALERT! Smart Dust is Everywhere – Monitors Everything! July 25 2014 What’s next? The military has already been using these MIMS. But the Smart Dust is specifically alarming because all life forms have been exposed. Read that again. ALL life forms…

Boxers are the best

With all of the bad news going on in the world today I thought I would try to bring a little light to yours! This is a light hearted little vid I created for my Boxer! I also included a new tune I inspired by my four legged friends I have had the pleasure of knowing in my life.
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I know you will not believe but this is true.Operation vigalant eagle you can be placed into a mental hospital if you post a wrong post. PLEASE READ this is NOT a joke

A collection of some hard rock, indie rock as well as instrumental and a few light rock songs. I also placed a few hip hop and R&B tunes that I felt can be tweaked for other purposes. All are available for immediate licensing or editing. Thank you for your time in listening. I would like to ask that you visit my website periodically for updates and new versions and new songs. Visit markallanwolfe.com

A child’s prayer

This is a music video I created to flow with the song I also created called “A Child’s Prayer”

The song is a mellow relaxing piece of music interwoven with acoustic guitar, piano and other instruments that create a cool relaxed vibe.
The children singing also make the tune a bit hypnotic I think. So put your earphones one, turn out the lights and float away……

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you will be better off check out this video and start to wake up

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